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  •  Our Solution: Free Half the Slaves (1+ / 0-)
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    The big, huge, defining moment in American history was when the new Congress compromised on the issue of Slavery.  It is a great example of an issue upon which you are compelled to take a side, one side of which is clearly immoral.

    One cannot unambiguously point to the immorality of an issue when there is so much support for the other side: in fact, I imagine that it was difficult to hold a "No slavery" opinion in, say Atlanta GA of 1850.  Such it is today as regards health care; Canada and Great Britain (and nearly every other democratic nation) exhibit more humanity as governments than our own.  We believe that these systems are morally superior, or we would have no compulsion to fight for HCR in the streets and blogs.

    Compromise is the only solution to this quandary:  we must move in a more moral direction.

    As someone said in reference to Cenk's article today: MSNBC went anti-war when everyone else did; like smoking.  Having a nation see the light takes time, apparently.

    Legislation on slavery for or against was tabled by the young congress for a hundred years, by mutual agreement.  The battle became too heated.

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