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  •  Hi Marcy, and thanks (0+ / 0-)

    for your diary. I want to comment on one part of your legislation in particular.

    Prohibit the transport, possession, purchase, or sale of horses to be slaughtered for human consumption

    I'm a former breeder of horses, and currently have 5. Sent one "to his next herd" last December, one I raised and had for over 20 years. I would never send one off to the killers. When they need to go on, they are euthanized by my compassionate and loving large animal vet.
    But not everybody is going to do that. Some, particularly in these tough economic times, will just abandon and let them starve to death.
    While I don't like commercial slaughter, what is the alternative? I'd almost rather see laws mandating humane transport and slaughter than beasts standing around in misery, hurt and starving in fields and rat-trap pens across the nation. Prohibition of transport and slaughter, while a good thing in theory, creates another huge problem.
    And this does not address slaughter for anything but human consumption. It still leaves the door open for horribly inhumane transport and slaughter for woozle food.
    Any ideas?

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