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View Diary: Help Connie Saltonstall Defeat Stupak (319 comments)

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    First of all I think we are far more strategic about it. Rarely do I take sides in a primary outside of my own area...but sometimes it is worth doing. Ark-Senate for example. I was laying off Stupak for the reasons listed by others in this diary until the C-street stuff started coming out. That was enough to get me open to a primary challenge.

    I also think the candidates we choose for primary challenges against other Democrats are, in general, far saner and more mainstream than the nutcases Teabaggers choose.They choose the extremest members of their group. Now leftists do this too, but not usually on dKos.

    The Teabagger strategy is not always a bad one. It is, in essence, the exact strategy that go the Republicans sweeping the country with Reagan and redefining American politics around their chosen ideas. They moved America such that their extreme values became mainstream. The Teabaggers aren't doing it intelligently, though. We need to learn to use the same tactic without making the same mistakes the teabaggers are.

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