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    Thanks for the report, but there is a lot of background that isn't clear here. First of all, he's for "marriage equality"? He ought to come back to Ohio and tell the LGBT groups here because he's dissembled a lot of that. I don't think he opposes it, but Fisher is "Mr. Safe."

    Fisher was a state legislature so long ago, we're talking about a whole other political era. "Working across the aisle" didn't even remotely equate to what that might mean today, when you can't, either in Congress or in the Ohio lege.

    He's out of his mind and/or out of touch if he thinks health care is a remote concern for Ohioans, only equal to terrorism. It was the main topic the last time my congresswoman (Marcia Fudge) held a forum. It was the main topic of discussion today at my Dems club when we hosted a representative from Sherrod Brown's office. Fisher isn't comfortable talking about the issue, but it's pretty much equal to jobs to Ohioans.

    And jobs is not Fisher's strength but his achilles heel. He was specifically tasked with creating jobs as director of development — and Ohio bled tens of thousands of jobs. OK, not his fault, really. But then he bailed on the job ro run for Senate — apparently thinking that actually working to implement the good but not terribly original ideas in his jobs plan could wait another couple of years, while he raised money and twisted arms for endorsements. (Jennifer is campaigning while continuing to do the job she was elected to do.) But here's how Portman will spin it: You were in charge of creating jobs and in that time, Ohio lost 150,000 jobs. And don't blame Bush because you quit a month after Obama took office so obvioudsly you didn't have any faith that he could turn things round.

    Fisher has no answer. He's stumbled around weakly but hasn't come up with anything. I told him directly that I don't think he has any chance of getting elected if he doesn't come up with a CONVINCING answer - and no, "I was so ambitiuos to be in the Senate" isn't a convincing answer to someone who needs a job now. He asked ME what I think he should say. I thougt that's why he is paying David Plouffe's firm $100,000 a quarter. Fisher's chances of winning at this point look extremely remote.

    Fisher has been endorsed by Strickland, but I think he exagerates how joined at the hip they are. Since Jennifer on the ticket would probably be good for an extra 3 or 4 points for Strickland, I don't think he cares, and he hasn't been seen cozying up to Lee lately. I don't think he's terrible invested in the outcome of the primary. He can work well with Jennifer too.

    The DSCC has not "endorsed" Lee altough they have used dirty tactics to dry up Jennifer's fundraising, that is true. If he is saying they will "give up" on Ohio, he's an asshole. I hope he didn't say that and you misinterpreted. I am going to assume that.

    If you know nothiung about Brunner and nothing about Ohio, you probably shouldn't be pushing a candidate here. I guarantee that without some serious changes in his campaign, Fisher will be crushed by Portman.

    By the way, the "Washington outsider" thing won't work for someone clearly talking out of both sides of his mouth — he's the DSCC's candidate AND he's an outsider? Please. He's bankrolled by the likes of Harry Reid and Blanche Lincoln, as well as numerous bank PACS. Lee is no outsider.

    Stop Rob "The Job Outsourcer" Portman. Jennifer Brunner for Senate

    by anastasia p on Thu Mar 11, 2010 at 08:07:30 PM PST

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