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    We've gone from global warming to climate change, and this is not serving the purpose. The most urgent American and planetary problem is the environment and ecology. By playing the naysayers game, and calling the problem "climate change", we do ourselves no service. That the polar icecaps are melting and the global temperature is rising is indisputable. This however, is but a small part of the ecological debate. Excepting the brain dead Fox News bunch, and the fatcats behind them, we can also admit that the worlds population, consumption wise, is about four times as big as it should be. We can also attest to the fact that many ressources are finite. Even Exxon will admit that there is not an infinite supply of gas or oil. This debate however goes further; gold, copper, uranium, silicium, and other ressources are in limited and dwindling supply. We must wake people up to the fact that "consuming" is what's going to kill the planet. America can take the lead and contrary to the diatribe of big business and their shills like Fox, do it without ruining America. Consrvation, packaging restraints, energy conservation, clean coal burning,isolation, water conservation and the list goes on. Watch France over the next few years and you'll get the idea. If we want our children to be able to have their own offspring we have to get this debate out in the open and expose the selfish that refute change only to protect their proper interests. Pulling the ecological wool over the nation's eyes is worse than the Bush/Cheney Iraq war scam. This is the planet, the only one, we're talking about. It's not only about "climate change". The only way to wake America up to these facts is to convince big business, that there is big money to be made by going green.

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