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  •  It seems it already is... (2+ / 0-)
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    mataliandy, luckylizard

    it would be an economic basket case

    been hearing that TX  is faced with a $11 Billion deficit this year. Gov. Blowdry and the dominant (R)'s in the lege are starting to sweat.

    BTW, when George Dumbya Bush (the lesser) left the gubnorship (got hisself promoted y'all) in 2001, the state of Texas also had run up a $10 Billion deficit then too, while lil W was gubnor for six years.
    Not much compared to the $5.4 Trillion addition to the National Debt that he managed as 'president' of the USA, but maybe he finally took off the training wheels in the WH and got real good at it (effen up, spendin' money we didn't have...oh, wait, he gave it away didn't he? to his real 'base').

    Purdy Perry and the (R)'s worked mighty hard for years to cover up Dumbya's messes and pay it off. Now they gots their own lil problem.

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