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  •  Muddy dogs? (7+ / 0-)

    Yesterday was pelting down a cold rain, but the Wonder Dog requires her walk regardless of weather conditions. As esteemed gf is recovering from a cold and under a deadline, dog walking fell to me.

    My bright idea was to go to the beach, which is accessed by a half-mile walk across "pastures". The scare quotes are to indicate that at this season, if we've had a good winter, "pastures" is a euphemism for muddy bog.

    Half-mile slog across muddy bog, what you get is a muddy dog.

    The interlude at the beach itself was glorious, in a howling-gale, crashing-surf, horizontal-rain sort of way. Such divine glories are not meant for mere mortals, however, so Wonder Dog and I quickly declared victory and turned back, leaving the beach in the sole possession of a field-tripping class of 30 or so sodden-state geology undergrads. Ah, to be young again!

    I had hoped that by running the process in reverse (walking back to the car), the outcome (muddy dog) would also be reversed. This turns out not to be true... in reality, the dog gets even muddier. Who'd have thought?

    Back home again, there is no way that dog is going into that house in that condition. So the gods of comedy ordained the following: that a drenched and miserable DBunn shall be seen hunched over in a driving downpour, hosing down a filthy dog whose expressive eyes keep asking the unanwerable question, Why me, o lord, why me?

    A fine time was had by all, and today is all blue skies and sunshine. Huggs etc to Blogistanis everywhere!

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