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  •  It took a mobile phone company (11+ / 0-)

    to finally bring broadband to rural Ireland. We now have a little device that plugs in and opens the world for us. The gadget costs 52 Euro and the service is 20 Euro a month, 15 Euro cheaper than the old dial-up was, and the speed is quite fast. The gadget can also be attached to your laptop and you can get broadband anywhere your laptop goes as well. The company is called 3 and I'd bet they would love to get into the US market.

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      cell phone companies offer that here.  I asked mine and they said 75 bucks a month for a 3MB hookup.  But they could not get their demonstrator over 650kb.  Also they limit bandwith to 5 gig per month which eliminates very much video which would be slow at that speed anyway.  Not affordable for me and would not solve my problem.  A small town (700) population town near me put in fiber optic nodes in the country so that all their customers can have DSL of at least 1MB if they want it.   My phone company,  much much,much larger said what the little company did was not possible.  When I said I know people that work there they said there are no plans to upgrade my area.  Why should they?  They charge me more than people in Cedar Rapids Iowa pay for cable that has TV , Unlimited nation wide calling and 5MB internet.  We need some laws forcing these companies to invest.  I am paying more than people who get complete service>!!!!

      •  Yes, You need government intervention and (2+ / 0-)
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        SarahLee, Ahianne

        competition. We got it because the government had to cover the black areas per EU regulation. It took a few years but the government finally chose the company that would get the black areas and I'm sure they had to sweeten the pot for them. The regular phone company is being totally stupid as most here are now using the mobile broadband and mobile phones, and they are left with fewer and fewer users and the expense of still keeping up the ground lines.

        First you need to get either a state or federal law mandating the coverage of black areas. It is the only thing that will work for predominately rural states. Start putting together a coalition of congresscritters who are known to support rural issues for all rural residents.

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