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View Diary: Armstrong Williams: 'There are others' (381 comments)

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  •  George Will, (4.00)
    of course.


    •  and anyone (4.00)
      from the AEI.


      •  Bill Schneider (3.80)
        the AEI pollmeister on CNN. While I'm at it, how about Annthrax Whipmegood Coulter too.

        Permit us to question-to doubt, that's all-not to be sure. Richard Feynman

        by cosmic debris on Mon Jan 10, 2005 at 09:51:13 AM PST

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        •  taxpayer subsidized propaganda ? (4.00)
          I want a refund NOW !  
          •  This story has HUGE potential... (none)
            Personally, I think money has gone to all of these and all the "think tanks," to FOX, to newspaper people, to TV people, to 527's...this is the iceberg tip of the payolla to control the media...and I think all the Departments of Government could be involved.

            From the HHS, DOD, Finance, all of them.  They probably have spread the money around to various departments as a way not to attract attention.  AND, was the "fake CBS docs" part of this action?

            This is so Rove and rethug.  Why use their money when we can use government funds to sell our agenda?  The next question is, "How do we find our deep throat and break this story?"  

            Really...I happen to think this is big.  IF we can pull back the veil on this and the cockroaches run, it will debunk the entire liberal media issue, support the idea of creeping fascism, and anger even those moderate republicans who don't like their tax dollars being used for propaganda.  And, BTW, the word PROPOGANDA has all the Lakoff framing meaning a word could have to nail these people.

            This is a joke...right?

            by NYBri on Mon Jan 10, 2005 at 01:48:37 PM PST

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          •  BLOGGERS...START YOUR ENGINES! (none)
            This use of taxpayer dollars to secretly pay newscasters, journalists, nand others in the Media, MUST BE EXPOSED! Propoganda secretly supplied to news hacks who really work for GOP with our money CANNOT be tolerated.  BLOGGERS, GO TO WORK! Every single dollar given by our gov't, (or one of it's branches ) or consultants[Ketchum], should be LOUDLY and totally investigated and excoriated. Wonder how long their aura of"balanced and fair" would last and how it will affect their credibility with the public? Undoubtedly, the proof exisrs.  LETS FIND IT!!
          •  At least its not a haircut (none)
            sadly, I'd rather see state manded haircuts than fake journalists. Blogger post which kinda puts things into perspective here.
        •  William Safire. (none)
          Nuff said.

          La raison avant la passion: Reason before passion. --Pierre Elliott Trudeau

          by greenknight on Mon Jan 10, 2005 at 12:46:10 PM PST

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      •  AEI (none)
        I've always considered the big 3 conservative think tanks to be AEI, Cato and Heritage. Out of those three, only AEI adds an extremist social slant to their work in addition to the neo-feudalist pirate-market economic policy ideas.

        The Right likes to point out people like George Soros as "big money" affecting whatever is left of the Democratic agenda, but put his million against someone like Richard Mellon Scaife and it's a drop in the swimming pool. Whenever someone brings up Soros, through a big fat Scaife back in their face. If they actually know what they're talking about, they'll shut up right away. If they don't, you shouldn't be arguing with them anyways.

    •  Stupid Me, of course, Miller got paid.. (4.00)
      ...through Chalabi who paved the golden path for Armstrong Williams: Take American tax dollars to promote propaganda to Americans through its corrupt media to support Administration policy...

      From this point forward, we should call it "Chalabism."

    •  George Will already sold his journalistic soul (4.00)

      He helped prep Reagan with debate papers stolen from Jimmy Carter and
      then praised Reagan's performance on Nightline.  He should have been
      fired from ABC then.  And also when he wrote that he gave candidate
      George Bush a question in advance  "not  wanting to ambush him with
      unfamiliar material" on This Week.

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