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  •  action plan: (4.00)
    We need to write to every Con-pundit who pops up and aske thme point blank: "Are you now or have you ever taken money from the administration for a favorable op-ed piece?"


    •  Exactly (4.00)
      Plus, to avoid weasling, we need to include whether or not they accepted money from PR firms working on under contract with the government.  For every liberal who shares air time with a conservative pundit, this should be the first thing out of their mouth.  Get them "on the record".
      •  What opinions were bought and paid for? (none)
      •  Also... (4.00)
        reverse the question:

        "At anytime while writing or researching, have you been paid or accepted anything of significant worth by anyone other than your primary employer that may have had an effect on your editorial content?"

        "But then I viddied that thinking is for the gloopy ones and the oomny ones use, like, inspiration and what Bog sends." -- Alex de Large

        by rgilly on Mon Jan 10, 2005 at 10:39:32 AM PST

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      •  Yes -- check the PR firms == and others. (none)
        If the Armstrong Williams case is a "model" for the pay off system, yes, Public Relations firms may well be the cover for the pass-through or launder of funds.  But Journalists also have agents who frequently are lawyers in fairly large firms -- or in small boutique firms, who structure relationships and contractual payments.  Likewise there are speaking circuit bookers.  All of these sorts of relationships fit into the model of a third party cover for payola.

        I think the research has to begin with getting a master break-out budget of Federal Agencies and departments reflecting payment for outside PR services -- and this might not be all that easy to get.  FOIA requests will probably be necessary, and then the more difficult task of finding out what a PR firm actually did contractually will be necessary. Money may have wandered through several sets of hands before the requesite PR service was actually rendered.  

    •  and I already wrote (4.00)
      to various news orgs (eg CNN, MSNBC) asking them which of their commentators were paid.  Not expecting an answer, of course, but we need to keep up the pressure on the paycheck-signers...
      •  Good Action (none)
        Put pressure on the paycheck signers to ask for the record all opinion givers whether they have done this. Because I doubt we are going to have the chance to ask ourselves.

        A stupid man's vote means as much as a wise man's

        by tchoup on Mon Jan 10, 2005 at 11:57:53 AM PST

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    •  "Are" you taking...? (4.00)
      How about, "HOW MUCH taxpayer money have you taken from the Bush Administration or its PR consultants to propagandize the White House agenda?"

      Put 'em on the defensive first rattle out of the box.

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      by Penny Century on Mon Jan 10, 2005 at 11:51:49 AM PST

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    •  We Should Also Include any Commentators Supportive (none)
      of Democratic Leadership Council members.  IMO, they are just as much to blame, plus they are also getting their pockets lined with GOP money to spout the GOP shtick from an alleged "Democratic" or "bi-partisan" perspective.

      Ugh.  Not only does pundits like Armstrong Williams needs to go (cause he never was representative of any Black community I've lived in), but he needs to take his conservative DLC buddies with him.

      Get rid of anything the Democratic Leadership Council. Visit the weblog:

      by The Truth on Mon Jan 10, 2005 at 01:23:52 PM PST

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    •  Let's offer a reward... (none)
      ....5K to anybody with information [do they pay in cash?] leading to outing of a Journalist who is "on the pad" of this Administration.

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