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View Diary: Armstrong Williams: 'There are others' (381 comments)

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  •  Follow the money (4.00)
    I think a good investigation by a motivated DA with a grand jury could help clean things up a little.  Plus - as an added bonus -  it would provide us with the full entertainment value we expect our government to provide.

    Apparently I have made the unbelievably naive error of overstimating the intelligence of the American people.

    by Citizen Clark on Mon Jan 10, 2005 at 09:31:07 AM PST

    •  Spitzer? (none)
      although I have no idea if that is something that is within his jurisdiction.

      He might not want to get involved with this though.

      wanna buy some wood?

      by jdeliaNYC on Mon Jan 10, 2005 at 09:40:47 AM PST

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    •  Follow paper trail (none)
      to the money.  Isn't this public information, anyway?  I think it is.  What the government spends is subject to media/citizen review.  Probably by now reporters are all over this trying to get info.
    •  following the money (none)
      could be difficult. I doubt that in most instances all concerned were as sloppy as the Capo Williams and his paymasters. Ketchum handled this poorly. They could have done much, much more to hide this transaction from prying eyes; IMO, they owe the white house a refund.

      More things are traded than just dollars; look at what Prince Rupert M/Fox and ClearChannel have received in exchange for their propaganda largesse: the complete unravelling of decades-old regulations on media ownership, magical immunity from civil suit's been nothing short o' miraculous!

      The numbers and connections I'd like to see: How many family members of white house staff/congressional repigs own how much stock in which media companies/PR firms and/or sit on the boards of same and/or receive speakers' honoraria and/or jobs with said firms and/or PR firms normally engaged with and/or see how it gets complex and impenetrable very quickly.

      But in absence of hard evidence (which - hey, face it; who cares - the truth, as the X Files used to say, is already "out there"), we should simply, continually refer to Hannity, O'Reilly, Coulter, etc. as "Paid White House Spokesman/Commentator Hannity..." etc. until proven otherwise. - it's not just an inauguration; it's an atrocity.

      by RabidNation on Mon Jan 10, 2005 at 11:34:51 AM PST

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    •  It would be very hard (none)
      For a country DA or a state AG to find jurisdiction over something like this. Any laws broken were almost certainly federal, making it an issue for the Justice Department and the US Attorneys.

      Given the conflict on interest that could arise having the DoJ running this investigation, it would almost assuredly necessitate the appointment of a special prosecutor.

      Google-Bomb this treasonous bastard person
      Copy link and text to help.

      by Goldfish on Mon Jan 10, 2005 at 04:42:27 PM PST

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      •  Civil suits (none)
        Their syndicates should sue them for breach of contract.

        While it's nice to pretend Safire and Novak were on the take, it's unlikely. They're more likely to have helped out relatives than take straight cash.

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