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  •  For junkies, a scandal of epic proportions. (none)
    For the average American...not so much.

    I've spoken to a few people about this, and the reaction I've been getting is sort of "meh."

    People are so desensitized to corruption, that this just sort of seems like business as usual.  

    And not only that, since this involves the way members of the press do business (I can't imagine this is not widespread), I think we can rest assured that Mr. Williams will get the brunt of this, then the press will bury this.

    •  I don't think so (none)
      I think those that DON'T get bribes will be hot to expose those that DO.

      I know if I worked for a station or paper that didn't have privileged status, and I had a way to bring down somebody who got it ILLEGALLY, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

      Especially if doing so would likely win me a Pulitzer, and get me international fame.

      •  The Issue is Public Funds (3.50)
        If it were Scaife or some other wealthy donor type paying for it, it wouldn't be surprising -- but the fact that federal agencies were using appropriated funds for this makes it a whole different ballgame -- and subject to public disclosure.

        I'm GregP and I approve this message.

        by GregP on Mon Jan 10, 2005 at 10:33:46 AM PST

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      •  Don't be so sure. (none)
        I agree that this is a big, big story, what with the government actually paying people out of the public treasury to shill for partisan purposes.  I don't agree that there will be a Watergate-style story about it.  Here's why.

        If this sort of thing is as endemic as Williams hints it is, and if some of these bribes are going to "straight" journalists, then I have a hard time imagining that it will get serious coverage, since it goes to the very heart of the way things are done.  Now, if this were an isolated event involving one organization or person, then I agree, the press would be all over this like stink on s--t.  But, that's not the case.  The press is not about to expose its own systemic shortcomings.  For one thing, it makes them look like shills for the establishment (even if they already are).  And second, it would be bad for business.  More and more people are getting at least some of their news from so-called "new media."  Any hint that the press is less than reliable could cause even more people to turn away from the old guard.

    •  it's illegal (none)
      Watergate was just a second rate burglary, too.  Rememeber, it's not the sex, it's the lying.  Make them put somebody in jail.  Call for a special prosecutor -- and quick, before Gonzalez gets confirmed as AG and buries this 10 miles deep.

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