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View Diary: Armstrong Williams: 'There are others' (381 comments)

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  •  his TV show (none)
    channel surfing yesterday, I came across his show on some Christian network.   Turns out this lowlife's show is on 3 different "Christian" networks, one owned by Sinclair.  

    From the NY Times:

    But then he also began writing his newspaper column, syndicated by Tribune Media Services, which dropped him yesterday. He said about 50 papers ran the column. He also began broadcasting a syndicated conservative talk radio show that eventually faded away. And more recently he began a syndicated conservative television show, "The Right Side," and another series for a fledgling African-American cable channel, TV One.

    Mr. Armstrong said his news show ran on cable channels including Dr. Jerry Falwell's Liberty Television, Sky Angel television, the Christian Television Network and a handful of local stations. Yesterday, Mr. Williams was counting the lessons learned. "I have realized, you know what? I am part of this media elite club, and I have to be more responsible."

    Christian my ass.  And "liberal media" my ass.  

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