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View Diary: Armstrong Williams: 'There are others' (381 comments)

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  •  What Plame thing? (none)
    Not the old thing? You really can't still be expecting that coverup stonewall pile of shit to turn up anything do you?
    •  Not realistically (none)
      However, Williams' statement has some major implications relating to it, don't you think?

      I don't think anyone of authority or influence will run with those implications, but well, for anyone willing to put 2 and 2 together it's right there.  Someone with access to very sensitive material fed damaging information to a conservative pundit.  A different conservative pundit is caught serving as a mouthpiece for the White House and claims he's not the only one.  It's not a solid connection, but it begs a question doesn't it?

      •  Yes, but that's the problem (none)
        Yes, it raises questions, but they are questions that won't be answered given our media.....we need to keep it alive, if only for ourselves...

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