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View Diary: Armstrong Williams: 'There are others' (381 comments)

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  •  Nope not criminal, (none)
    But it is good that he was transparent about it.
    •  Hardly transparent.... (none)
      Here's what Kos said:

      But for the record, I will not discuss my role within the Dean campaign, other than to say it's technical, not message or strategy.

      He also didn't discuss numbers:  $3,000 per month (each) for him and his partner, apparently.  So he disclosed a financial nexus, but nothing else, along with pablum about it not influencing his views.  This isn't the standard of objectivity that we hope for in the media, and expect in blogs (which we fervently hope to be driven by intellectual and emotional zeal, not corporate or campaign underwriting).  The point is that once the guy who's controlling the content is "on the take," whether disclosed or not, you have to question, seriously, what's going on.  I don't think that's a particularly controversial point, and is one that echoes throughout this thread.  But having said all that, the existence of financial ties likewise does not diminish the underlying value of the message, which will stand or fall of its own accord.

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