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View Diary: CA-36: Marcy Winograd's Campaign HQ Opened today (33 comments)

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  •  I don't defend her just because she lost a son. (2+ / 0-)
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    I defend her because in August of 2005, while most of the Democrats in Congress had their thumbs up their ass about what, if anything, to do about the war, Cindy Sheehan, no celebrity she at that time, just drove out to Crawford and stood on the dirt road in the rain with a sign demanding to see the President to ask him one more time why her son was dead.  And he stiffed her, and the right mocked her, and right-wing talk radio jock Mike Gallagher, THIS GUY:

    showed up with a bunch of young Republicans to yell at her that they were glad her son was dead.  (Please note the uniform, by the way.  Mike Gallagher made that himself.  It says Gallagher's Army on the cap.)

    That inspired a great many people, including me.  I participated in one of the thousands of candlelight vigils that were held that month around the country in support of Cindy Sheehan.  Because SHE was doing something when our own leadership was too cowardly to take a brave stance against what was going on.  

    I told Cindy Sheehan in a comment on here one time (she used to be a regular) that she made me feel ashamed that I wasn't doing more. She was a nobody, just the mother of a dead soldier, but that gave her the courage to stand up against something that others didn't at a time when backbone was scarce.

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