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View Diary: Public Option in the reconciliation bill? What? (71 comments)

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    People have mentioned various steps that are involved in getting the reconciliation bill to a vote in the House. Is the vote already on the schedule, or does the time/day get selected once the Budget Committee and the Rules Committee and...whoever else has to do something...have acted?

    The Senate will find out what's in the reconciliation bill as soon as the House does. Can they start doing anything before it is actually passed by the House? And what do they have to do once the House sends over the bill it passed?

    Mr. Gibbs told Fox that maybe this time next week we will no longer be talking about the health care reform bill--but about the law of the land.

    And in there somewhere, the House will vote on the Senate bill.

    Is there really any chance that health care reform will be the law of the land by next Sunday?

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