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  •  It's tough to beat liquid fuels for transportatio (2+ / 0-)
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    there's little else that matches their energy density, especially that of hydrocarbon fuels. Plus there's well established technology and infrastructure in place.

    And there's the common attitude that "I want a car that can go 500 miles on a fillup, not some wimpy electric toy"  There's a number of times that I've seen some commenter here on DKos or some other progress and/or 'green' orientated site state that they can't buy and electric until it can do X hundred miles without recharging. When pressed for details they need that mileage for a handful of trips a year, in some cases only once a year. The rest of the time their daily travel is well within the distance BEVs can handle right now. But those small number of trips is the deal breaker, even though a BEV would save them so much money during the year that they could afford to rent a luxury car for those long trips.

    Geothermal is good, but every time a geothermal booster points to some study on the potential of geothermal, that report gives numbers that show that geothermal can potentially produce no more than 10% of the electric power demand of the U.S., more often around 5%. In terms of total energy demand of the country it's even less significant, because transportation and heating are demands on the same order of magnitude as electricity generation.

    A potential worrisome aspect of geothermal is that many of the rosy projections of potential depend on hot dry rock sources, and those generally use fracking to open them up - the same process (fracking) used by oil extractors to get more oil from wells and which seems to cause a lot of environmental problems.

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