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View Diary: Brad Ellsworth Takes on Tax Cheat Contractors (6 comments)

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  •  Another IN resident against Ellsworth (0+ / 0-)

    Brad Ellsworth is one of Stupack's yes men.  He's is willing to sacrifice the well being and even the lives of millions of children on the altar of his own delicate conscience, and for what?  Apparently he cannot vote for HCR because it provides federal funding for abortion.  Only we all know that that's a lie, because the bill contains no such provision.  Why does he lie?  Grandstanding, just like this.

    Brad, if you're reading this, come on here and explain why you believe that we should have classes of citizenship in this country, and that our class should be determined by who we are.  We know that you believe that women should not have the same rights as men, and you believe that so strongly that you're willing to risk your political career for it.  Are there other people who you think should be relegated to second or third or fourth class status?  People who don't share your sexual orientation?  People who don't share your race?  Anything else?  

    And while you're at it, Brad, tell us, in these calculations that you do about who should get what rights, do you always come out on top?

    This Indiana Democrat is going to be working hard to for Brad Ellsworth's defeat come November.

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