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  •  Just Vote On The Whole Thing! (0+ / 0-)
    1. Why are we giving any Democrats a way out? Let them make the call, show their vote and bona fides and then take them to account in the election!!! They WILL vote for it, and if they don't then our leadership has to answer.
    1. PR-wise this move is terrible. Why are we handing this cudgel to Republicans? Why. Vote it, get the votes, make it overwhelming, crow about it later, or if it loses look at our leadership and ask the hard, tough questions.

    Seriously, 15 months, up or down means UP OR DOWN.

    •  Handing cudgels to Republicans. (2+ / 0-)
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      joynow, axel000

      You don't get it. Anything the Democrats do is fodder for Republican attacks. They might as well pass whatever they feel is right and accept the fact that the Republicans will go crazy no matter what.

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