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View Diary: STUPAK goes up in smoke !!! (34 comments)

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  •  this must be that snark I've heard about (3+ / 0-)
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    who'd I TR for this sort of thing? doc2? I was told it was a snarky thing re: Kucinich. Should we assume you don't really mean this?

    I received a scorecard today from the League of Conservation Voters. It rates every member of Congress. Stupak has scored a 93% in this session, same as Conyers. All Michigan Democrats were either 93% or 100%. The highest rated Republican scored 50%, the lowest 7%.

    Even though we hate Stupak, let's unseat him in the primary. Should he win then....well, we might not want to support him but no, he's not as bad as an actual Republican.

    Ugh...I've got to wash up now. That was perilously close to saying something nice about the guy.

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