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  •  There is nothing in the article that (0+ / 0-)

    implies Obama struck a deal for hcr support. What it sounds like is Obama struck  the deal in exchange for campaign cash, for personal gains at the expense of the public good. That's how Mr. Mogulescu interprets it

    More deeply, there are serious questions about the extent to which Obama, with the help of Rahm Emanuel, used a K Street strategy to pursue health care reform. The strategy seems to have been to make backroom deals to protect the interests of the likes of the drug industry and the for-profit hospital industry in exchange for campaign cash, even if this meant reversing campaign promises to include a public option to put competitive pressure on private insurance premiums, and to allow Medicare to negotiate for lower drug prices and Americans to buy cheaper drugs from Canada. The result is a health care bill that is generally unpopular with voters. Questions need to be asked, too, about the extent to which the White House is following a similar K Street strategy with Wall Street financiers when it comes to shaping financial reform and new regulations to reign in the banks who brought the economy to its knees.

    NY Times Reporter Confirms Obama Made Deal to Kill Public Option

    It's hard to believe he cut a deal to kill the public option for political support, when 85% of Democrats wanted a public option. Much easier to believe that he cut a deal for cash.

    Don't let the awful be the enemy of the horrifically bad.

    by virtual0 on Wed Mar 17, 2010 at 10:57:29 AM PDT

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