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  •  Yes, I disagree... (0+ / 0-)

    Especially with your claim that Obama "favors" imprisoning people forever without trial.

    I keep bringing the conversation back to politics because politics is about the art of the possible -- which includes imperfect compromises.

    When these compromises (which can include delays of justice) affect real people it's easy to get dogmatic and emotional. I think Obama has made a "devil's bargain" (to put politics in its least favorable terms) that pragmatically recognizes justice will never be perfect, but it can be improved.

    So what has he gained by going slow on Gitmo etc? For one thing, he's managed to divide the crazy Liz Cheney's from more mainstream Republicans -- because he's seen as largely NOT radical when it comes to national security.

    I think largely what you're citing as evidence is not intransigence but rational delays. You may disagree with his reasons, but, no, I do NOT believe he "favors" injustice.

    Same with corporate health care. It'll take some time for a new paradigm to gradually move mainstream Americans away from thinking the healthcare system ought to be a profit center.

    •  Not everything is politics. (1+ / 0-)
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      Petey, pragmatism does not excuse anything and everything. I imagine if you, an innocent person, were thrown into this disgusting mess, you might be a bit less forgiving.

      1. The Obama White House is interfering in the prosecutorial decisions of the DOJ. (Remember when we complained about Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzalez doing that?)
      1. Barack Obama's Administration (or, rather, his military) has a hit list that includes American citizens who are not on the battlefield fighting troops.
      1. Barack Obama's Administration argues that the same incredibly overbroad interpretation of "state secrets" adopted by Bush should still be followed. They are using this legal argument to insist that human beings we tortured for months on end should not be allowed to sue the government.
      1. Barack Obama intends to imprison human beings forever with no substantive due process.
      1. Barack Obama does not appear to disagree with legislation saying that you can be deemed a terrorist and indefinitely detained by the military.

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