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View Diary: CNN Joins The Washington Post In Legitimizing Extremism (326 comments)

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  •  Is this really a surprise to anyone? (2+ / 0-)
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    Turkana, Pinecone

    CNN isn't a conservative network.  They're simply a network willing to take anybody.  They're what I like to call a desperate network.  So while MSNBC may have a left slant and Fox News has a right slant...CNN is just trying to stay afloat.  I just don't see them adding on Erickson as anything that should shock people.  I mean, it is CNN we're talking about...the network that has been dying for so long now...seems like they're trying to hold on for dear life at this point.  And well, I don't think recruiting simply anybody works, so I don't think it'll work out for them...but oh well!

    •  If CNN wants so stay afloat they should try NEWS. (0+ / 0-)

      Stop trying to be a FOX or MSNBC or E! or Travel Channel or whatever fucked-up congloberation of crap seems to be the short-attention-span flavor of the week.

      Stick. With. News.

      Be smarter than everyone else.  Be more objective than everyone else.  Be more informative than everyone else.

      It may not seem sexy, and it might not be immediately profitable.  But it will be one thing: unique.

      You'll be virtually all alone in that "actual news" space and, given time, everyone will discover that being smart actually is sexy.

      C'mon guys, be a real leader and innovator like you were when Headline News first launched.  You remember that, right?  Not many folks gave that concept a snowball's chance of working either.

      Hell, get me a nice apartment around my old stomping grounds in Buckhead and I'll even come back down and run the damn thing for you.

      Seriously... like I could make things worse?


      "...honestly the only way Congress would stop giving Blackwater money is if it started registering black people to vote." -Adam Serwer

      by here4tehbeer on Wed Mar 17, 2010 at 07:09:57 PM PDT

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