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  •  sorry, Jed, you missed this one. (0+ / 0-)

    Black's Law Dictionary defines Malpractice as:

    Any professional misconduct, unreasonable lack of skill or fidelity in professional or fiduciary duties, illegal or immoral conduct.

    As for the first part, Fox can never commit professional misconduct. Intentional acts are very different from misconduct, and besides, can we really call Fox a professional news station?

    Unreasonable lack of skill? To the contrary, Fox is very, very good at what it does. It lies. It labels conservative family value adulterers DEMOCRATS. It hides bad stories, ignores facts, and spins topics to create an entire new reality. If you only watched Fox, your life would be far more twisted, insecure, and angry - because Fox is so good at their spin.

    Illegal? Well, Fox did win some litigation where they claimed that they could lie if they want to.

    Immoral? Hah. That assumes that Fox has some moral or shame component. That simply is not the case.

    So, Jed, I am sorry to say, you missed it by calling this malpractice.

    What we call god is merely a living creature with superior technology & understanding. If their fragile egos demand prayer, they lose that superiority.

    by agnostic on Thu Mar 18, 2010 at 08:32:30 AM PDT

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