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View Diary: Kucinich AND Nader on DemocracyNow!! (76 comments)

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  •  there are many here who believe in a sky father (7+ / 0-)

    and in the immaculate conception and deatrh and resurrection of his child/himself, but let me ask you:

    wtf does that have to do with this diary??

    when you have something relevant to say, with sources for your more sensational claims, please stop by again.

    •  It means Amy Goodman is not credible (0+ / 0-)

      Please re-read what I wrote.  Not only is Perkins' contention that he can "shape shift" into a jaguar and cure cancer not credible, but his entire story about being an "economic hitman" is non-credible.

      If that's her "expert" then she is not credible also.

      Sure, there are religious people who believe in non-rational things.  But if you invite, say, Jerry Falwell or Cardinal Eagan or other proponents of the sky father on your show to explain something as concrete and fact based as international finance, and not only do they have those odd beliefs but also peddle some ridiculous story about being a former "economic hitman" then you lose credibility to talk about other fact based areas of politics economics.

      If you grossly distort stories that anyone can read in the NY Times -- claiming that shutting down an illegal program is the same as continuing it, or that an indictment in federal court is extraordinary rendition -- you also lose credibility.

      Goodman is not a credible source for anything since Obama was elected.

      •  Obama also believes in an invisible sky father. (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        jlb1972, pigeonhole principle

        does that delegitimize him for you?

        •  No, because modern religion is metaphor (0+ / 0-)

          When Obama starts talking about faith healing or snake handling, then I'll get worried.

          By contrast here are some of the things Perkins says:

          "All of us have the ability to shapeshift on a cellular level -- to transform ourselves into jaguars or bushes or any other form with which we create an alliance. "

          Spirit of Change: What is shapeshifting?

          John Perkins: From my perspective, shapeshifting can be divided into three levels although it's actually more of a continuum. First is the cellular shapeshift which is when a shaman actually shapes into a jaguar or a warrior hunter shapeshifts into a tree or animal of any kind.

          SOC: This happens on a physical level?

          JP: Yes, it happens on a physical level...
          People in the Amazon don't know what cancer is and they can't believe it. When I first started bringing people with cancer to the shaman for healing, the shaman would look inside them as they do using what they call pentsak, which is a technique for actually looking inside a person's body. They would look inside these North Americans' bodies and see these outrageous growths that they'd never seen anything like before. Now that's a very strong cellular shapeshift.

          The shamans have dissolved a number of those cells. We've had people come with bad tumors and cancer, have healings and go home, and then go to the doctor's and the tumors are gone.

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