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View Diary: Wake up call: Stephen Lynch, Mike Capuano, John Tierney - NO? (61 comments)

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    I have another traitorous coward to add to the list Michael Arcuri. No a dime not a vote for any of them, they have to loose their seats.

    I particularly can't understand the logic of those that voted yes to the House and are voting No now. Do they think the first vote is not going to be splattered by their republican adversaries. Coward, first he voted his conscience and now he backs down, poster image of a coward.

    Arcturi's phones. If this your district or you have donated make calls, they need to see that this will cost them, that you will not vote for them even if they are the only democrat in the ballot.

    Washington, DC:
    Phone: 202-225-3665
    Fax: 202-225-1891

    Sam Marchio, Chief of Staff
    Chris Wilcox, Legislative Director/Counsel
    Melinda Becker, Legislative and Press Aide
    Roxanne Yaghoubi, Legislative Correspondent
    Jay Biba, Press Secretary/Dir. of Special Projects
    Mark Cornell, Scheduler/Press Assistant
    Charles Greco, Staff Assistant

    Utica, NY:
    Phone: 315-793-8146/8147

    Auburn, NY:
    Phone: 315 252-2777/2778

    Cortland, NY:
    Phone: 607-756-2470
    Fax: 607 756-2472

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