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View Diary: Help and or information for my aunt who has M.S. and is about to lose her house. (28 comments)

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  •  Is She Working? Or On Disability? Was It Back (5+ / 0-)

    property taxes or a delinquent mortgage?

    •  taxes and disabillity (0+ / 0-)

      she is on disability and it was back property taxes. However what is weird about it is that she owns no land just her trailer.

    •  aunt, deliquant on taxes (0+ / 0-)

      Hello, I am the aunt that has the problem, my nephew has graciously put this up to help me, and has given me permission to answer questions so that anyone ready may better understand the situation.  I have Multiple Sclerosis and have great pain, and my memory is very limited, especially when an espisode comes on, my memory gets whiped out of any current converstations of or any outside info im suppose to know.  My husbands company was closed and he was layed off, he just recently got a job after almost 3years.  We are in idaho with a very supressed economy.  We went to a meeting to get taxes forgiven or just to be able to move our moble home, because we were no longer able to keep it in the park we were orininaly staying. the story is long, but we agreed with the comissioner to pay that yrs taxes, which they finaly had lowered with circuit breaker, and paid 53 dollars, and was told in future make arrangements to pay the rest.  At the time our church told us they would help, and they did help with 1000 dollars, but the move cost 5000. We got payments from a mover, which was a miracle, and had to take a small title loan on our car to help pay fees on codes to move, we were overwhelmed, and because we agreeded we would pay, when we had no idea what it would cost, they said we said we could aford it, when we had no idea the amount the church would give, and what we would have to cover. So we had not started payments on back due, until we had paid off loan and the mover which i still owe on. They were angry when I said we could not make payments yet, and did not tell me they would respond this way, but just to let them know. When in the mail we got notice demanding payment, we went down to make payments, husband had just got a job 4 months prior, and almost had payed loan, and mover, but they would not take payments, demanded full amount, and then sent officer to home ta evict and sell home in one week. I was lost, and frightedned, I am 53, we are not young, I lost job due to illness ten yrs ago, husband strugling to keep us afloat. Illness cost!  Lost job, but got medicaid because of it.

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