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View Diary: Help and or information for my aunt who has M.S. and is about to lose her house. (28 comments)

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  •  Military (3+ / 0-)

    You mentioned that she has not one but two sons who are on active duty in our country's military. They are being (re)deployed.

    I would recommend that she contact her sons'  commanding officers and explain to them that there is a crisis at home and her sons need to be present.

    Are the police going to evict her and is the bank going to forclose when two of the best our nation has to offer are standing by?

    I would also consult the US Army. Each base has staff who are experts in family services. They may be able to help. The army cares about the families of service members.

    •  Ask help of Military, son has purple heart (0+ / 0-)

      I have emailed my son in Missisippi, to ask him to ask his commanding officer, Hopefully he will do that, but he has dislexia, hope I spelled it right, he does not feel comfortable asking for help. What do I tell him to say?  I will try the base nearby, and see if they have suggestions.  He did not want to go back in, he has nightmares, but did not want to take anything such as medical leave, so not sure how open he will be. The other son is in Germany, soon to go to afaghan, so I dont want to distub him.  We have suffered from the loss of my youngest, he lived in my home and went to college, he did not want to leave.  I will try to find out what to do, just little time to do it in. Please excuse my typing, ms make me forget alot, and somtimes its hard to remember simple grammar.  Thanks for trying to help

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