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View Diary: Boston Globe RIPS Rep. Stephen Lynch (116 comments)

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  •  The filing deadline for MA isn't until 06-01-10!! (7+ / 0-)

    Who's on the bench for the MA-09? Who can replace this DINO posing as a lefty?

    The MA-09 is a D+11 district! What we need is a primary candidate who can put her/his all into a primary. Going against the machine, so they will need to be cleaner than Caesar's wife, and able to raise a ton of money before the primary. We can help with that.

    More importantly, the potential challenger will need a good campaign manager and lawyers skilled in MA/US campaign finance laws. I have no idea who's on the east coast that hasn't already made plans/commitments to re/elect Democratic candidates, but the list is going to be pretty short when we're looking for someone who ran unopposed in 2008, with a win of 78% in 2006, and unopposed in the two preceding elections.

    Campaign managers, the pros I mean, don't like working for lost causes. They're future employment depends on past tallys in the "win" column. Looking to take a primary from a candidate who has no history of significant primary challengers, and unopposed generals is enough to make a seasoned pro cringe. Most likely, the best a potential challenger can hope for is a manager with a list of losses, each for a candidate chosen for idealistic reasons. If the staff could be filled with other ideologues and graduates of DFA's campaign training, that would be good.  

    All evil needs to succeed is for good people to say "the votes aren't there in the Senate."

    by Jacques on Thu Mar 18, 2010 at 11:47:13 PM PDT

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