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View Diary: Carrots for Kucinich! (230 comments)

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  •  I'm not actually sure (5+ / 0-)

    The guy has a strong record of standing up for what he believes in.

    One of the things he believed is that health care reform, even this crappy kind, is really, really important, and that it was worth, this once, compromising on.

    Anyone who thinks that he's going to start compromising on everything is going to learn differently, and look pretty dumb while doing so.

    That said, though, everyone has always known that the vast majority of progressives in Congress, Kucinich aside, never actually mean what they say and always bend over for whatever the corporatists want to ram through, eventually.

    So I don't really see this as changing anything.  Except maybe people on dKos will start being a smidgen less dickish to Kucinich (who is only doing what they SAY they want Democrats to do) for, oh, a day or two.


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