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View Diary: BREAKING: Dems offer largest deficit-reduction bill since '93 (248 comments)

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  •  Wha? This bill reduces the deficit?? (3+ / 0-)
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    This historic move to lower the US deficit reduces it by $138 billion in just a single decade and is projected to save the country an unprecedented $1.2 TRILLION over the next 20 years according to Congressional Budget Office estimates released this week.

    Well, I guess tears it.  With the release of this information, it is now a certainty that the Dems will get no Republican support for this bill.

    Clinton's budget in 1993 got ZERO GOP support too.  Historically, it was Clinton's budget that set the stage for one of the best economic booms this country has ever seen.

    Later, when Bush was $elected, the GOP fully supported his reckless borrow-and-spend policies that set the stage for one of the worst economic debacles this country has ever seen.

    So there you have it:  if it's good for the country, the GOP opposes it -- for ideological reasons, of course.

    The best that I can say about Republicans is that they are consistent:  consistently wrong!

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