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View Diary: Ugly Politics Over HCR in NY-01: Rep. Bishop Fights Back (31 comments)

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  •  backlash (6+ / 0-)

    Those letters were quite heartening.

    I think it is so essential for people to speak out against the irrational tea party types.  A backlash against it, some moments of "have you no shame" will puncture that movement.

    •  The letters are great! (4+ / 0-)

      I liked this comment the best,

      I also tried to get through your article on the tea party movement. What came to mind was Archie Bunker's famous "meatheads" quote. I spoke to tea partyers last summer at an overcrowded Town Hall meeting sponsored by Representative Tim Bishop, which I did not get into. This person listed all the well-known complaints: too much government, it's too big, government taking over our decision making, socialist agenda, etc. When I asked about their health care, they admitted their 20-year-old children were not covered, but they had no problem because their children went to emergency rooms for all their health concerns, which according to them was "free." That's the most expensive form of health care, which we all pay for. "Meatheads!"

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