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View Diary: ecojustice: tahamaki afrika:* uganda, part II (22 comments)

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  •  I believe we can expect more in terms of kinda (14+ / 0-)

    climactic extremes engendered by the crisis. My daughter? She was working on her admission essays into grad schools for international food security and I told her, write about how the Maundo chief told you about sacrificing the goat next to the contaminated bore hole and how you and Larry just had to nod your heads and appear not shocked. That'll get you in. I think that is what did it! She has done some incredible work in some of the most frighteningly fragile regions in the developing world. Nothing phases her.

    •  That's awesome! (2+ / 0-)
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      RunawayRose, trashablanca

      You did well. :) The goat story is interesting. What did she say about that?

      •  it was her way of saying that she has been there (9+ / 0-)

        and that she understood cultural differences and the need to not interfere .... in sharp contrast is her story of standing in Kampala one night over cocktails with some aide people, when one young guy tells her they are standing on tons of plastic.... and then her story about how Africans because of their learned helplessness lack the ingenuity of those of SE Asia, who have rather than just giving her a bucket of water to throw over her head for cleaning, also provided her with a sculpted out shell so she could preserve what she did not really need. It is difficult, i must say, having one so young, literally surpass me in her expereinces in my area of passion... sometimes when she calls me with the topics of her graduate papers, I have to prevent myself from screaming into the phone "I want to do that one!" My grad work focused on Cross CUltural Communications and the role of INformation and COmmunication Technologies in addressing the global digital divide. That was only 4 years ago and already things have moved so god damned beyond the research I did for my theseis. Oh well

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