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View Diary: Teabagger heads explode over Scott Murphy's support of HCR (144 comments)

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  •  How can Progressives help or better yet.. force (3+ / 0-)
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    devtob, Norbrook, ozsea1

     MSM to provide access to all these teabaggers to real news? Anything besides or at least in addtion to Fox "news"?

     Moeover: what can be done to at least expose these mono-informed idiots to Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart: especially after Jon's re-enactment of Glen beck's word association idiocy?

    Big Ed... Even Tweety
      There has to be some right wing suscribers that, if given a chance, would want to stop corporations from controlling there lives. They can't all be so stupid as to  support there oppressors and fight their liberators
      Until then though we progressives have to overcome the Fox noise/propaganda machine.

      Make more noise!


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