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  •  I'm not doing myself any good letting (0+ / 0-)

    my current situation color my thinking???? Well who's situation should I consider then?? Yours??

    I've been hanging on by my fingernails for a long time, always on the verge of being homeless, many times hungry, and without a penny to my name all the while these people are shoveling taxpayer money at Wall Street by the billions. And now I am going to eat shit again because your hero says that I have to buy something next to worthless from the people who have been taking my money and laughing as they tell me that I don't get anything in return?? I have had 8 minor strokes and 2 major strokes. So even if I would lose the crap insurance I have, a new insurance carrier could and most certainly would tell me to f**k off while I'm forced to pay them for the privelege of getting the shaft.

    Delude yourself all you want. This bill is worthless to millions. And I am personally acquainted with a bunch of 'em and I am just another schmuck that is included in that category.
    Trust me, we talk about this and there is a damn good chance we've voted for the last time unless an honest political party suddenly appears on the horizon. It's sure as hell not the dems or repubs.

    And as for Grayson or Weiner or the rest, talk is real cheap and easy. Especially when they have theirs at the public's expense. If any of these people were honest the bill would have been 'fixed' before passage.

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