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  •  Oops... (none)
    ...should've said 'Dean or Rosenberg'

    Both strike me as great possibilities. I liked someone's comment a few months back that they should split the role.

    •  What are Rosenberg's bona fides? (none)
      If you dont mind enumerating a few.

      I admit, I havent been paying much attention to him, other than that he comes up as someone Kos thinks is ok, seeing on front page on occasion.

      I think he was a guest on MR a few weeks ago, and if I remember correctly, he seemed more go-along re the Iraq war wing. More Kerryish, ie, the How we did it.

      I admit, I am not clear on it. Recollection is vague. Dont want to say its so if not, but wonder if it is, is that an indication of a rather DLCish mentality? What makes him more palatable than the others to people on board here?

      •  Rosenberg (none)
        Rosenberg I know entirely from ACT (America Coming Together) who were big on the registration/GOTV effort for Kerry.

        There was a long piece in the NYTimes magazine about him, he sounds like he's got great grassroots ideas and the clout to get them done.

        You can read more here.

        •  Thanks. Will do. :-) n/t (none)
          •  asdf (none)
            From the southern caucus my favorite line of the night was when he said, paraphrased with quotes,
            "i'll let others worry about Frist, Hastert, and Chimp.  I want to focus on Mehlman and Rove."

            I like that he obviously wants to compete on a strategic level.

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