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  •  But, as I type, Im listening to Michael Rattner .. (4.00)
    on Democracy Now, speaking to the Democrats lack of protest over Gonzales' appointment. He says a vote for Gonzales is a vote of approval for torture, plain and simple. He gives praise, by contrast, to the military lawyers, who have spoken out against his appointment.

    So ... my question is, HAVE they really been impacted by the grassroots? If they had been, why the silence on THIS?

    Last night on AAR, I heard an excerpt of Biden questioning Gonzales, where he actually made some goofy assed comment, after a few niggling questions, about how he really LIKES Gozales, how he is the "real thing". He was rightly piercingly mocked, by the host, Mike Malloy, who has just relinquished his 40 year membership in the party, due to go-along behavior like this, that he can no longer abide.

    Real thing? Gonzales? Hellooooo ???

    I hope youre right, that this wimping out re Gonzales is not an indication of how deaf they remain to the message that the progressive wing is "spoiling for a fight" and its past due time to start delivering, re Dean as DNC chair.

    •  WTF is up with Biden anyway (none)
      I've always sort of liked him (for a weak liberal anyway) and even supported him briefly for president before the plagiarism scandal, but he has this new MO of talking to 'Thug operatives in this goofy film noir tough-guy persona ("level with us here, old buddy, old pal, do ya read me?), and then signing off on whatever ("I kid, but I love ya, buddy"). It's kind of bizarre.

      A Prince, whose Character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the Ruler of a free people.

      by faugh a ballagh on Tue Jan 11, 2005 at 10:57:47 AM PST

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      •  Why (none)
        He's too comfortable.  As are they all.
      •  Lol. I know ... perhaps it was bound to happen ... (none)
        Biden was amusing, at times. The weird faces, the clever jabs. But he lost most of his power to amuse me and annoyed me to no end in the lead up to the war, uttering little warnings all about 'how' to do it RIGHT and saying the war on Iraq was legal blah blah. He presented himself with such bluster and said so little that was useful.

        What we see now may be the result of a long brewing cocktail of his personality, manifested via mouth, often, and his lengthening tenure in that club we call the Senate.

        Perhaps said film noir goofy stupidity is a predictable outcome.

      •  Biden's always been a bit bizarre (none)
        All DE politicians are, to some extent. I think it's because politics here is so insulated it's almost incestous.

        You never saw Roth with his admittedly bad toupee and huge St. Bernards, or Castle in his Frankenstein suit on Halloween (that was a few years ago, when he was Gov)?  

        Biden thinks he's a comedian, I expect him to do stand up any day now.

      •  I sent Biden email about this and stated how (none)
        the base is getting tired of this nonsense. With the exception of Boxer and Black Caucus, the leadership has no spine.

        His "act" with the torture architect was galling.

        Howard Dean or I go Green!

        by davidwparker on Tue Jan 11, 2005 at 08:41:52 PM PST

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