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  •  Lots of ways to interpret this. (none)
    You could say that McAuliffe:

    -Left the party in the black.  (This one has been explained; and
    -Implemented a MUCH needed information infrastructure--it was a mess.

    Those things are true.  You could also say that McAuliffe:

    -Screwed up so badly that we have no way to go but up;
    -Made people realize that they have the power to turn our party around.

    And that's true, too.  But why rub Terry's nose in it?  It does him no good to put McAuliffe on full blast.  

    "But sir, we've already lost the dock." A Zion Lieutenant to Commander Lock, The Matrix Revolutions

    by AuntiePeachy on Tue Jan 11, 2005 at 11:03:54 AM PST

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