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    But the Party could have done more to discourage him from running on the Dem ticket, so they could focus on candidates that might actually have something more than a name that matches someone who happens to be famous.

    But they didn't, because they'd already given up.

    Sure the new guy might have lost that go 'round. But at least they would have invested in him as a future viable candidate. Imagine if the Repugs would have tossed Dumbya aside when he lost his first race for office -- err... then again, maybe not. Bad example. ;-)

    And that's why we need change. We're finally closing the money gap, the grassroots are alive with activity -- and now we need to find a comprehensive top-down/bottom-up strategy, and articulate our ideals, to match our viability.

    Dean can do that, the status quo cannot. That's my point.

    Red = The Color of Debt. Coincidence?

    by swilldog on Tue Jan 11, 2005 at 11:39:03 AM PST

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