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  •  this is the funniest anti Dean (none)
    post I have seen in a while. I am not even a feverent supporter- but even I can see through this. Thanks.
    •  Absolutely (none)
      Plus, this same guy posted a similar message on the MyDD site.

      Such bull.

      •  Unfortunately, there are many in (none)
        our party who are not immune to using lying and  misinformation against members of their own party. I just wish they were so focused in their desire to defeat the Republicans. If they used half their energy for this purpose rather than phoning it in- maybe we would be in a better position?
      •  Progressive? (none)
        If Dean made the statement that we should open the party to anti-environmentalists or anti-union then the so called progressives would be up in arms - but  open up the Democratic party to people who are against choice then who cares?

        If we are going to stand for progressive values then stand for progressive values - there are plenty of candidates that want to steer the party to the center and walk away from values. Defending Dean when he does that is just following a leader with blinders on.

        •  Sorry bud (none)
          But when I think of progressive I'm talking about what I call primary, first-priority issues:

          1.  Economic justice and social welfare (health care, quality  education, workers' rights, etc.)
          2.  Moral and non-imperialistic foreign policy
          3.  Pro-environment
          4.  Pro-community and economic development at local levels
          5.  Civil liberties
          6.  Responsive, grass roots democracy
          7.  Reigning in corporate power, and being for the worker.
          8.  Fair trade issues.
          9.  Equal opportunity for all regardless of race, sex, creed, or nationality.

          "God, guns, and gays" are secondary issues for me.  And  even though I happen to be pro-choice, I am reluctantly pro-choice in that I have a lot of appreciation and sympathy for those who have problems with abortion.

          In fact, in  my  opinion, it is a sad thing that the Democratic Party is so beholden to a knee-jerk, pro-choice position to the point that it cannot see that there are valid moral and humane arguments as to why abortion is problematic and why people have valid concerns with it.  

          It is a sad thing that so many Democrats have made abortion the number one litmus test issue, even to the point that they put more emphasis upon this than they do the issues I outlined above in points 1 through 9.

          •  Thank you (none)
            At least you are clear what your priorities are for your definition of being a progressive. It is interesting that in your 9th point you leave out sexual orientation.

            I disagree - while I am male and straight - I believe that women's right to choose what happens with their own bodies and equal opertunity based on sexual orientation are key progressive issues.

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