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View Diary: Has Loretta Sanchez Lost Her Mind In Opposing Health Care? (93 comments)

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  •  It sure is! (1+ / 0-)
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    yella dawg

    Lots of people make excuses for Frank Kratovil (MD-01), because he's in the most Republican district of any Democratic incumbent.  But he won in 2008 only because of the massive turnout generated by Barack Obama.  How many of those people will bother turning out to support him in 2010 if he votes "no" on this?  He apparently thinks he'll get some Repub. support if he shows his "independence," but I think the few Republicans he picks up will be dwarfed by the number of Democrats who stay home, or who go to the polls to vote for Governor and Senator, but who simply don't bother to vote for the House of Representatives.

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      Do the math. If he has to depend on Democratic base votes, he will be drubbed. That's not the same as Loretta Sanchez's situation.

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        yella dawg, MichaelNY

        My point is that Kratovil has a very uphill fight in any even, but it's not going to get easier by turning off the base.  I think a much better course would be to vote yes, and explain the vote to his constituents (over 10% of whom don't have health insurance).  I strongly disagree with his politcal judgment on this, but it's not totally insane.  If Sanchez were to vote no, I think it would indeed be completely insane.

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