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  •  Start yourself of easy and then increment.... (2+ / 0-)
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    First thing off, though, throughout this
    winter I did a 4mile jog, three times a week routine, I'm actually taking a regenerative break from jogging, right now, I haven't jogged regularly in about 2 weeks, and will continue this break for another 2 weeks or so...

    1. To prep yourself for jogging, I suggest a two week routine of just calistenics, basically reps until the burn stops you:  This is important because your prepping your muscles for cardiovascular strain...
    1. Then after that calistenics routine, I suggest easing into the jog, shorter times and shorter distances first, while incrementally increasing the workout load.  Take a day of between jogs, to let your muscles recover and remove some of that lactic acid that builds up in muscles.
    1.  Nutrition:  you'll have to significantly increase your fluid intake:  I suggest orange juice concentrate diluted with 50% water.

    Increase your carb intake to fuel your body for the jog: i.e. on the evenings before a job, eat pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.

    1. read and listen to your body, if your jog is taking longer than a day off to recover, you've outstrained yourself.

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