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View Diary: The Hit List: House Dems Who Voted Against Health Care (44 comments)

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  •  Lynch explains his vote here (3+ / 0-)
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    Lynch slams the legislation as "a poor bill" that would continue the worst elements of the status quo. In explaining his switch, Lynch cites the absence of a public option, the failure to repeal the anti-trust exemption for insurance companies, and the inclusion of the excise tax on high-end insurance plans. (These are some of the key differences between the final bill and the House version, which he had supported.) "There's a difference between compromise and surrender, and this bill is surrender," Lynch tells Mother Jones. "It's a surrender to the insurance companies, it's a surrender to the pharmaceutical companies."

    But Lynch doesn't see his "no" vote as a bill-killer," saying it's very likely to pass during Sunday's scheduled vote: "I don't think they would be calling the bill up on Sunday if they  didn't have the votes. if I had a bet on it, yeah, I'd probably bet that it would pass."

    •  Lynch is full of it (4+ / 0-)
      He's the most conservative of the Massachusetts delegation.  He never supported a public option that I'm aware of.  At the health care rally in Boston last Labor Day, he was the only speaker who was booed (Capuano in particular brought the house down).

      He's no Dennis Kucinich (who has real cred on the left of the bill, but voted for it in the end) or Mike Capuano (who had very specific concerns, mostly about Massachusetts potentially being punished for being out front, but also about impact on the many hospitals in his district, and who worked quietly with leadership to get them addressed).  I believe he's simply scared of Scott Brown.

      There's a Facebook group to draft Harmony Wu.  I don't quite live in Lynch's district, but I'm certainly supporting her.

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