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  •  so explain why obama failed to fight for a (0+ / 0-)

    public option.

    even joe lieberman marveled at how obama failed to press him (or any other congress person) to support a public option.

    you're one of the few still in denial that any backroom deals were made.

    •  Well, I thought that was obvious, Obama did not (0+ / 0-)

      push for the PO because he couldn't deliver the BLUEDOG DEMS, but now with the opportunity to achieve it via Reconciliation, the bluedogs aren't needed, so they could do it, but only if Pelosi took a stand for it. She did not. Tell me, why doesn't she take a stand for it, of her own accord, irrespective of Obama, solely because she believes it is the right thing? 

      Solely because the people need it.

      Why isn't she a driving force for change in congress the way that Grayson is? Or the way Kucinich was during the Bush admin when he submitted articles for impeachment? 

      She could learn much about "guts" from these congressman. We would have a completely different nation if more people with guts like these two were in congress, especially, if they were Speaker of the House.

      You know what I mean? I mean, explain "impeachment is off the table" .... How can anyone defend a Speaker of the House who failed us in such a profound way? Or do you not believe people are accountable to thier oaths of office? Does the balance of power in our nation mean nothing to you? Do the war crimes that were committed on her watch mean nothing? If not the Speaker, then who? Kucinich tried, but his words fell on the deaf ears of Pelosi.  Everyone in politics wants to avoid ownership for their actions on controversial issues, they are afraid to take a stand. 

      The President is obviously at the forefront, but he is only one man, and he needs the congress to act, and they act of their own accord, and he can only exercise only so much pressure until his pressure looses its weight, so he must use it sparingly and selectively, and this means he needs the leaders in congress to take a stand.

      No one has held Pelosi accountable for her not addressing Bush's war crimes, yet she is the only one who can, and should press for it. And she hid during the bush admin and now she hides behind Obama.

      When does the hiding end?

      When does she take a stand and demonstrate true leadership on the controversial issues?

      Yes, she helped deliver the sigs to pass the Senate's HCR Legislation, and for this she should be praised, but how much credit can she really take for that, it's not like she had to take a stand on anything that even the bluedogs voted for (because it handed their corporate insurance industry sponsors billions). Seriously, that is only half the job, because without the PO that legislation could do serious harm to the Democratic Party. Yes it opens the door, but it does not address the systemic problem in health insurance today. Yes, it addresses certan problems of regulatory oversight, but not the main problem. And with the mandate, and no PO, this could create a schism in the liberal community, which might then side with the teabagger nuts, which would be devestating to the democratic party. 

      Obama cannot act without a leader in congress to lead the charge there. Grayson is trying, but without Pelosi, it will never fly.

      So where does Pelosi stand? 

      Will she challenge the status quo, or just go along with the only bill that the bluedog dems would sign, a compromised bill, to say the least. Yes they are working now to fix it, but when does she take a stand and drive the process rather than just being along for the ride and helping collect a few sigs on other people's initiative? When does she act like the Speaker of the House? When does she demonstrate leadership?

      Is this all we can expect from her:
       Pelosi Will Not Include the Public Option in Final Bill

      "We're talking about something that is not going to be part of the legislation," Pelosi said, noting "with sadness" that the public insurance option won't be part of legislation. "I'm quite sad that the public option is not in there," she said.

      "I'm quite sad" ...???

      Listen, I really don't care about her "sadness", she should go to a therapist to deal with her emotional state, what I care about is what she is gonna do to make it happen! Results! This is what she was elected Speaker of the House to deliver, not a  passive commentary on her emotional reaction to her own lack of commitment. 

      Whilst Grayson leads the Charge with this ....

      Alan Grayson: a Congressman with Guts

      [Congressman Grayson] has put forward an incredibly simple 3½-page bill that lets all Americans buy into Medicare at cost. You want it, you pay for it, you’re in. Real coverage for all Americans, and real competition against unscrupulous insurance companies. In only one week, Grayson garnered an amazing 80 cosponsors for HR 4789, the "Medicare You Can Buy Into Act." And over 50,000 citizen cosponsors have signed his petition. Once again, Congressman Alan Grayson is a health care hero.

      Pelosi's silence on this is deafening!    

      ~we study the old to understand the new~from one thing know ten thousand~to see things truly one must see what is in the light and what lies hidden in shadow~

      by ArthurPoet on Wed Mar 24, 2010 at 09:58:49 AM PDT

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