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View Diary: dKos video project -- a direct action proposal! (53 comments)

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  •  i'm sooo in. (none)
    really. it's what i do.

    a little bit of uh-huh and a whole lotta oh yeah...

    by lipris on Tue Jan 11, 2005 at 02:02:22 PM PST

    •  Distribution would be the easy part (none)
      All we'd need would be a bittorrent server.  From what I understand, they're actually pretty easy to set up on a Linux system.  Another option might be using Creative Commons' Torrentocracy service, if they'd allow it.

      The key would be attracting the interest of the MSM to get some serious airplay.  I suppose that would also require a decent job on making good edited ads...

      •  i really don't understand much (none)
        about bittorrent and such. i'm a video editor and i can deliver in whatever codec we would need. i'll leave the tech-y parts of the distribution to those who understand it way better than me. but i can damn sure make those pictures move.

        a little bit of uh-huh and a whole lotta oh yeah...

        by lipris on Tue Jan 11, 2005 at 02:10:34 PM PST

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        •  What format? (none)
          Do you have a preferred starting format?  The original ad that's out now is available in Windows Media (.wmv) and Quicktime (.mov) formats.

        •  mpeg-1 (none)
          It's not in the spirit of a FOSS (free/open source software) project to use a proprietary codec.  I think there's some FOSS decoders that can play quicktime video (without audio) but some of the audio formats are secret.  Mpeg-1 is the only format that's really standard so I hope it's available even if it's just as an option.

          Lemme see if I can explain BitTorrent simply: it's a scheme that distributes stuff to lots of users at once at low cost, by using each computer's ability to send and receive at the same time.  Let's say I want to send a 1 GB file.  I divide it into 1000 chunks of 1 MB each, call them #1, #2, etc.  Now 50 people (Alice, Bob, Carol, ...) connect to my server and want the file.

          I send chunk #1 to Alice (about 10 sec at DSL speed).  After Alice has chunk #1, I start sending  chunk #2 to Bob, but before I do that, I send a very quick, short message to Carol saying Alice has chunk #1 available.  Now while I'm sending chunk #2 to Bob, Alice sends chunk #1 to Carol.       Next, I send chunk #3 to Dave, after arranging for Bob to send chunk #2 to Alice while Alice sends chunk #1 to Elizabeth, etc. etc.  Pretty soon everyone is sending and receiving at the same time (sending the pieces they have to other people, receiving the pieces they don't have).  So instead of having just my server sending the file 50 times, 50 people's computers are sending pieces to each other all at once.  This explains why it's a "torrent", or sometimes a "swarm".

          The result is I only have to pay for 1 GB of bandwidth (I send the 1000 pieces out once each, plus a bunch of short control messages that add up to a few MB total).  Once I've got all the pieces out, the different downloaders can send them to each other until everyone has every piece.  

          The really nice thing to do if you download something from a torrent, is leave BitTorrent running even after you have all the pieces.  Once you have all the pieces, you're what's called a "seed", and so you continue to send pieces to people who newly join the swarm.  A convenient way to do that is start your download in the evening and go to bed.  You might get all the pieces and become a seed sometime in the middle of the night while you're sleeping.  In the morning you've not only got the video, but you've helped a bunch of additional other people get it as well.

          Hollywood right now is trying to get BitTorrent banned, and Democrats are helping them.  Corporate profits are much more important than democracy, after all.

    •  Can you... (4.00)
      Do a television commercial, for say, MoveOn, that is a spoof of the CapitolOne credit card commercials? The idea goes like this:

      Repug Senators and Congressmen, one after another saying,
      new spending
      (Begin music: Black Sabbath, The Mob Rules)
      (Cut to Pennsylvania Avenue with raging hoarde of barbarians running toward the Capitol)
      Announcer:  talks about reckless Republican spending.
      (Cut to barbarian screaming at camera)
      Who's in YOUR CONGRESS?

      *Sorceress Sarah

      It is no accident that Liberty and Liberal are the same word.

      by Sorceress Sarah on Tue Jan 11, 2005 at 02:12:06 PM PST

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