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View Diary: dKos video project -- a direct action proposal! (53 comments)

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  •  Lets Propogate our Own Propoganda (4.00)

    You know what I'd like to do in 05 and 06 -- long before the elections?

    In a clear, simple and direct fashion, put general issue ads on the air in red States and battleground states -- but in a positive way:

    1. Comparing the teachings of Jesus with the democratic ideals.

    2. Highlight how Dem economic policy helps the middle class.

    3. Show how dem action has provided some of the basic rights that workes take for granted (40 hr week, child labor, health care, etc).

    4. Try to dispel the "Tax & Spend liberal" myth.

    Basically, the point is to SELL THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY to the middle class we're supposed to helping!!

    Kind of like Oliver Willis's Brand Democrat campaign, but less snarky.  If we come off as superior and knowing better, we've lost them.

    I mean, if the last election cycle taught us anything, its that Move On and the like can air an Ad about anything, anywhere, with donations from the rank and file, at a moments notice.  If a large group of people pledged $10 a month to the effort, we could have a serious impact on the way people view Dem candidates, long before those candidiates are even chosen.

    So, what ya think?

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