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View Diary: The Coming Republican Campaign For Medicare Buy-In (25 comments)

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  •  Faux news listeners did not vote for change... (1+ / 0-)
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    this is not our audience, although if done right, we'll be able to peal a lot of them off anyway... The vast majority of people who turned out last election truly want change and if they see the dems finally stepping up, forgoing this weak-_ssed appeasement policy, they'll all rally to our side and the tide will become a tidal wave...hopefully moving Obama to move with the people...  And as the dems begin to feel the power of their gonads, this can start the trend we need to save this planet!!!

    Gosh, I actually feel a little excited!

    Thank goodness for Grayson, Weiner and Sanders... We need more like um!  

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