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View Diary: Electronic Voting is No Vote at All (16 comments)

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    buying votes: if you want to sell a vote today, you can just vote absentee, and the person buying your vote can look at your ballot, seal the envelope and mail it himself.  anyway, where's the cutoff price above which it makes more sense to spend a particular amount of money on normal campaign activities than on buying one vote?  is that cutoff price more or less than would be acceptable to a relavent amount of people?  in this day and age, how many votes could be bought without being noticed, and would that be a big enough amount to make a difference (yes, this question applies even to small local races)?  i'm not sure of the answers to these questions, just posing them.

    next, paper receipts for the VOTER don't help much: you are right that my reciept doesn't prove what was counted in the machine.  but what would help is to have a printout of what i chose shown to me, behind glass, as i vote.  i can look and see that yes, it matches what went in.  when i'm done, it slices off and goes into a sealed compartment. then, if a recount situation arises, or even as part of routine audit, the actual printouts in the sealed compartment can be compared to the machine's reported counts.

    end of the day though, i think touch screen voting is an unecessary expense once you throw in the extra technology and processes to make it fraud proof.

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