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View Diary: Electronic Voting is No Vote at All (16 comments)

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  •  No it's not. (none)
    See my comment below for why. Also, even if no cheating is detected using computer-assisted voting technology X in election E1, that in no way guarantees that that technology won't cheat in election E2.
    •  do more research (none)
      that just looking at bev's site. we've had optical scanning machines in new hampshire for almost two decades and do recounts every two years because we have 400 legislative seats which have very close victories. the machines are extremely accurate to the paper counts. in fact, more often than not, the problem is in the handcounts, which have human errors, during the recounts and not the machines. the counts are cleared at the end of every time period for recounts so there is no chance of what you are saying. call secretary of state bill gardener about it and he will tell you. the machines are safe.

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